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A chief safety objective of every plant is to achieve zero accident. Since safety in the organization can not be less than 100%; the participation of employees from every plant in safety also has to be not less than 100%. That is what Behavior Safety is all about. We can accomplish this objective if we train every workman / employee on the concept and process of behavioral safety.

Total safety culture encompasses that safety mechanisms are In place and active, and then implementing BBS gives Wonderful results. According to a senior safety professional, “Punishment never works for sustainable results for safety in Organizations”. Another safety professional added, “BBS is going to be one of the best components of safety in the years to come”.

According to another senior safety professional, “you may have best operational & engineering controls at the workplace; you may have told employees for safety, human beings still meet with accidents due to unsafe Behaviors”. BBS believes that psychological change can be achieved with repeated and active care of each other. BBS Underlines that when more than 90% percent of accidents and injuries are due to unsafe behaviors; let us focus on unsafe as well as safe behaviors. Behavior is objective, definable, observable, correctable and measurable.