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Our Fire experts can assist with design from a small hose reel installation to large fire safety systems with sprinkler/fire electrical installations or special hazard protection systems. We can accommodate all of your fire service requirements for both new and refurbished buildings.

Evolving Technology in the fire detection and suppression fields can allow building owners to reduce the costs of fire protection systems. However these systems require critical selection and detail to design that only Naik & Associates can provide.

Fire Sprinkler Systems:

Naik & Associates has worked with fire sprinkler systems for over 10 years. Our fire experts have the experience, due diligence and qualifications to design and improve existing fire sprinkler systems.

The fire designer at Naik & Associates understand the different types of sprinklers and how they work. This allows us to design the most cost effective system that meets all of your fire safety requirements.

Fire Extinguishers:

Firstly, our Experts will analyse the size and class of your building to determine how many, if any fire extinguishers are required. The next step is to determine what types of fires are likely to occur in your building. These investigations will allow our fire engineers to make informed decisions on the placement and number of fire extinguishers required for your building. We work with a goal of keeping your costs down, and will only advise essential services that you require.

Fire Hoses:

The most commonly used Fire Hose in the industry are Fire Hose Reels. The main problem with fire hose reels is that maintenance costs are an ongoing expense. For this reason, it is understandable for you (the building owner) to want only the amount of fire hose reels that are required.

Fire Systems Design:

Whether you are designing a new fire safety system or upgrading existing system, we have found through our 10 years of experience it is no easy feat. One of our sayings is that no two projects are the same, each with their own requirements, funding options, applicable building codes etc. The instant we understand your design, we are fully aware of your system requirements and can work towards building you a cost effective fire system.