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Safety Audit is management tool comprising of a systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of “How well” the safety organization, Management and Equipment are performing, with the aim of helps to safeguard a company’s assets by facilitating management control of safety, health and environmental practices and assessing compliance with established standards / regulations, hence It is utmost necessary to measure the performance of your facilities & soundness of HSE Management System by effective Safety Audit.


We provide three Dimensional Safety Audit which includes all elements of IS 14489, Legal compliance review & thorough plant inspection.


The Objectives of the our Safety Audit “but not limited to” is to verify compliance with established standards (regulations, internal policies and industry wise standards of practice); to identify deviation from designed and planned operating and maintenance procedure and standards; to identify plant condition or operating procedures that could lead to an accident and significant losses to life or property and to ensure that the plan and operating and maintenance procedures match the design intent and standards.


We have competent team of Safety Auditors to meet requirements of Chemical, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Textiles, Pharmaceutical, construction sector. The Audit will be carried out by and under guidance of Accredited Safety Auditor from DGFASLI – GOI and many State Government.


What we are doing in Third Party Safety Audit...?

    We provide safety services to customer to help them to verify, evaluate & rectify their activities/operations through systematic audit to help them achieve all regulatory, mandatory requirements, internal corporate polices and procedure meeting the best standards.

    Auditing relevant elements/operations/activities of PSM (Process Safety Management)

    Specific checklist used for organization dealing with Petroleum based on OISD requirements.

    Opening meeting with all auditees inclusive of HOD and Site Head/Managers

    Conducting the audit by team of competent and accredited Auditors

    Discussions & cross examination with relevant area personnel

    Closing meeting to brief the significant audit observations

    Audit report submission with recommendations

    Compliance or follow up audit

    Specific Safety audit as per customer’s requirement