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Industrial Accident History shows very alarming data – over 2.4 M people suffers huge losses from occupational accidents. So, preventing accidents and ill health caused by work should be a key priority for everyone at work. Accidents and ill health associated with work lead not just to needless pain and suffering but to huge costs and loss of business continuity. Ensuring safe and healthy working has to be a key priority for everyone at work and this requires real competence, not just commitment and good intentions.

If you are a director, owner or manager of a business, you will appreciate that you personally need to be competent to lead the management of the business safely. And you will also understand the importance of being systematic in ensuring that your employees and your contractors' staff are competent when it comes to health and safety.

Workplace safety training aims to improve workplace safety and prevent injuries. The first reaction to any workplace injury or incident is to ensure that all employees obtain immediate care. There is also the disruption to productivity to address as well, but this is secondary.

Providing health & training helps you to:

Helps your employees to identify hazards and adopt safe and healthy working practices

Ensure you or your employees are not injured or made ill by the work they do;

Find out how you could manage health and safety better;

Meet your legal duty to protect the health & safety of your employees.

Helps to avoid the pain, anguish and financial costs that accidents and ill health cause

Fosters a positive culture of health and safety, in which unsafe and unhealthy working are not tolerated Enables your employees to spot ways to improve health and safety management