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Behaviour Base Safety Implementation


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A chief safety objective of every plant is to achieve zero accident. Since safety in the organization can not be less than 100%; the participation of employees from every plant in safety also has to be not less than 100%. That is what Behaviour Safety is all about. We can accomplish this objective.

The PATH of BBS Implementation:


Behavioural Gap Assessment Behavioural Gap Assessment study / survey will be conducted for all Units and report submission. Its findings will be a Base line for the projects and will help to develop Cultural development plan
Awareness Session 1 Day BBS conceptual clarity Program for Management Staff
BBS Observater 
2 Day BBS Observer Training covering Operational 50 % Staff
Steering Committee Selection of Steering committee Level  (High Power committee)
Documentation and 
Developing SOP & BBS Checklists, BBS Software etc.
BBS LT Workshop 3 days BBS Lead Trainer’s training Program for selected 40 staff from all units– They will lead BBS Program in the organisation by various Program / Training to make BBS Sustainable
BBS Ceremonial 
launch and Roll out To make BBS Sustainable
2 day BBS Roll Out with corporate CEREMONIAL launch.
Implementation In-house capability 
BBS Lead trainers will start BBS Implementation. 
BBS lead Trainers will start training for Remaining Direct/ Contract employees which helps internal capability building of BBS. Simultaneously Trained observer start BBS Observation and cultural 
development projects. 
BBS data collection on software and Analysis, recording and analysis.
BBS data Analysis and Follow Up BBS Data analysis, trend analysis and review of BBS data from BBS software.